We use our principles as a lens through which we can reflect, learn and improve

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Our principles

Tudor’s principles underpin all aspects of our work, and act as a navigational guide when we are reflecting on our practice or considering challenging issues. They are:

  • Supporting communities to drive their own positive change.
  • Investing in relationships as the foundation of all we do – starting from a position of trust and demonstrating that we can be trusted.
  • Listening with intent: always trying to hear the real voice.
  • Valuing people’s time: acting quickly where helpful and taking time where needed.
  • Using learning, our experience and creativity to offer flexible support to communities.
  • Making the most of our resources and independence and being open to challenge.

We use our principles as a lens through which we can reflect on various aspects of our practice, with the aim of learning and improving. We often ‘pause’ at various points in our grant making – for example when deciding which applications to take through to second stage, or at grants meetings – to think about how and when we have applied our principles during the decision-making process, or whether there were points when our principles should have come into play, but didn’t.

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