Reporting back

When our trustees make a grant they want to hear about how things are going – about the work you have done and how it has made a difference. Although it is good to hear about things that have gone well, it is also important that you tell us about things that haven’t worked, or that have worked in a different way than expected.

Your approach to evaluation
We don’t want to impose a ‘one size fits all’ approach to monitoring and evaluation on the huge variety of organisations we fund, but are keen to help groups think about some of the issues surrounding evaluation, if you aren’t already. This is something that you will have discussed with your Grants Manager at the second stage of the application process, as your proposal was prepared for committee. We are interested in helping you to devise ways of tracking and reporting on your progress and achievements which will contribute to your own planning and development, and to your learning.

We read and respond to the reports you send us, and also refer to them if you apply to us for further funding.

What information do you need to send us?
For revenue grants, we usually ask for a report one year after the previous payment in order to trigger the next instalment, plus an end of grant report: we also ask for end of grant reports for one-year or capital grants. If we have made a grant over more than one year we can’t make further payments until we have received a satisfactory report and all the financial information we ask for. This usually includes:

  • A copy of your latest annual accounts and annual report
  • An income and expenditure budget for the whole organisation for the current financial year, showing what income is secured (plus a draft budget for the next financial year if you are near the end of your financial year)
  • A scanned copy or photo of a recent bank statement - one that is less than three months old - to reconfirm your bank details.
  • Depending on the type of grant we have made, a breakdown of project costs over the next 12 months or details of how you are covering the balance of a salary, if we are not funding in full.

Please check the relevant information and responsibilities sheet for details of everything that you should include in your report; your grant offer letter may also mention some specific areas we are interested in hearing more about. We give guidance on what to include in your end of grant report in a separate information sheet.

Feedback about working with us

When you are writing your report you might have some thoughts about what the experience of working with Tudor has been like for you, or whether there might be something we can do to support you better over the coming year. You can include this kind of feedback in your written report, or if you'd prefer do have a chat with your Grants Manager, or a member of our Information Team on 020 7727 8522.

We’re also on GrantAdvisor UK, the 'Tripadvisor' for UK funders, which allows you to share anonymous feedback about the application and grant experience with fellow small charities and community groups. Leave your reflections on Grant Advisor UK here.

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