How to claim your grant

The first payment
You must request your grant in writing, by emailing your Grants Manager. We outline what information you will need to send us in order to claim your grant in our information and responsibilities sheets – this varies depending on whether it is a capital or revenue grant, or whether the grant is going towards an existing post or a new post, for example. You will always need to email us a scan or photo of a recent bank statement when you write to us requesting the first payment of a grant – we make grant payments by direct transfer to your bank account and need a copy of a bank statement to confirm your bank details. This bank statement must be less than three months old.

Second and subsequent payments
Our information and responsibilities sheets for capital grants, revenue grants and grants towards salaries explain what information you need to send us in order to request payment of the next instalment of your grant. We send out a reminder that a report is due a month before we expect to make a grant payment, but it is important to note that we will not make the payment until we have received a satisfactory report and all the financial information we ask for.

When you request a payment please attach a copy of a recent bank statement to your email - one that is less than three months old - to reconfirm your bank details.

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