We are currently closed to applications from new organisations.

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We are now closed to ‘new’ applications: that is applications from groups we are not already funding.

Over this period we will still consider continued support to groups we are currently funding. Find out more about this here.

We are reducing our direct grant making in this way to create time and space for Tudor’s staff and trustees to re-think how the Trust operates. For more information about this, visit our ‘what we do’ pages.

Any questions?

For more information on your particular situation, please have a look at the FAQs below:

We have a grant with Tudor which ends after 1st April 2022. How will we be affected?

From April 2022 you will need to contact your Grants Manager, by email or phone, to discuss the potential for further funding. They will send you a link so you can access a new continuation funding application form within our application portal, as well as guidance on making the application.

However, it’s possible that your Grants Manager may say that further funding is unlikely and advise you not to reapply: perhaps because we have been funding for a long time, or have given a clear message that your current grant is likely to be our final one. We still have to make some hard choices and won’t be able to make a further grant to everyone who applies.

What if there has been a gap since the last time we received funding from Tudor?

You may be able to apply to us after April 2022 if:

  • You have a revenue grant from Tudor, have received the final payment and have less than nine months of funding remaining.


  • In some circumstances, if your grant from Tudor ended within the last six months.

Please get in touch with your grants manager to discuss whether we can consider further funding. This won’t always be possible: for example if we’ve been funding for a long period or have given a clear message that your current grant is likely to be our final one. We will still have to make some hard choices and won’t be able to make a further grant to everyone who applies.

We recently sent you a first-stage application but haven't heard anything yet.

If you’ve recently sent us a first-stage proposal we will continue with the assessment process, using our current funding guidelines. It normally takes a month for us to get back to you about the outcome of your first-stage application. If you haven’t heard from us after six weeks please do get in touch, by emailing Applications@tudortrust.org.uk

Are you planning significant changes to your funding guidelines and approach when you reopen?

At this stage it is hard to say. Our sense at the moment is that we are likely to continue with the responsive, flexible and relational approach to grant making that has become our hallmark. This will include continuing our commitment to making multi-year grants and giving core/unrestricted funding.

We have an application at second stage.

If you have an application at second stage your Grants Manager will continue to work with you on your application, with the intention of taking it to committee for a decision over the next few months. If you have any questions about the process please contact your Grants Manager directly.

Why are you closing to new applications?

From April 2022 Tudor’s staff and trustees are setting aside time to re-think how the Trust operates in the future. One of the main drivers for this is the learning we have done around racial justice and how we embed this both internally and through our grant making. We aim to spend time learning how to listen carefully to voices that we may not have heard before. We want to challenge ourselves about how we can acknowledge power dynamics and make ourselves more accessible. We will review how we can incorporate all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion into our work. We’ll also be spending time on practical work such as revisiting our funding guidelines and website and considering how best to give feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

We’ve made a start on this work over the last year but the day-to-day work of being a relational funder, particularly in these challenging times, has left little time for more in-depth, strategic work. Our intention is that by temporarily closing to new applicants we will free up enough time for the work we need to do to make us a better, more accountable funder. Because it’s important to us not to disrupt our current funding relationships, our grants managers will still be providing our usual level of support to the 700+ organisation who have grants with us. For more about this and updates throughout the year, visit our 'What we do' page.

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