What kind of organisations do we support?

The Tudor Trust wants to support smaller groups, embedded in their communities, which work directly with people who are on the edges of mainstream society in ways which encourage inclusion, integration and independence. We are particularly interested in supporting work that develops and promotes the social connections and relationships which make such an important contribution to the well-being and quality of life of individuals, and which strengthens communities.

The groups we work with have told us about the huge impact the Coronavirus pandemic has had on their organisations, compounding the effects of austerity policies throughout the last decade. Communities and the organisations working within them are under huge pressure, at a time when many groups have seen their funding reduce as need and demand has increased. We know that it isn't easy to plan for the long term in these uncertain times, and that things are likely to be hard for communities and those who seek to support them for some time to come. We are therefore looking to support creative and flexible organisations which keep their communities at the centre of their thinking as they adapt and adjust what they do in response to changing circumstances .

One of the crucial things we look for in the applications we receive is a strong focus on support for the most marginalised – on those individuals and communities who have limited access to resources and opportunities. We don’t work to a single definition or marginalisation: we rely on our applicants to share their understanding of marginalisation with us and we also assess this in relation to the full range of applications we receive.

Tudor’s trustees are also particularly interested in supporting smaller, under-resourced organisations: in our experience smaller organisations are particularly well-placed to deliver positive change because they know their communities and can be highly responsive to need, providing an individualised and holistic response to the people they support. The best smaller-scale organisations also encourage participation and inclusion and contribute to the resilience of communities by offering opportunities for connection and engagement.

We are therefore much more likely to fund groups with an annual income of less than £1 million. In practice the majority of the organisations we support are much smaller than this: last year 83% of our grants went to groups with an annual income of less than £500,000. If you are from an organisation with an income of more than £1 million and want to discuss whether it is worth making an application please call the Information Team on 020 7727 8522 for advice.