What are we looking for?

Tudor wants to support organisations which:

Display positive organisational characteristics

  • Encourage and develop positive social connections and relationships
  • Are embedded in their community and can identify and channel the potential within that community
  • Have vision, energy and commitment and are reflective and open to change
  • Want to make a step change in the way they work, but need support to do this
  • Listen to and are responsive to their users and give users a voice
  • Offer longer-term engagement and support
  • Make good use of the resources they have

Address marginalisation

  • Engage with a marginalised community or engage with a particularly marginalised group of people or ‘community of interest’
  • Provide direct support to individuals who are in real need
  • Are rooted in overlooked and neglected areas where funding is hard to come by
  • Affect the lives of marginalised people and communities in a positive way

Make a difference

  • Generate a ripple effect – a wider impact beyond the immediate beneficiaries of the work
  • Display new thinking or demonstrate best practice: offer an exemplar others can learn from
  • Are interested in reflecting on their work and are generous in sharing their findings with others

We don’t expect every application to demonstrate all of these characteristics and qualities but we are looking for a combination of them when we review a first-stage proposal. We are likely to be more interested in applications which combine qualities from all three of these areas, though there will be occasional exceptions to this.

The diagram on the left may help you to visualise our approach. We explain more about what we are looking for under each heading in the drop-down menu on the left.

Recent grants

Looking at our grants lists will give you an idea of the range of grants we make. Download a pdf version from the list below.