What are we looking for?

Tudor wants to support organisations which:

Tudor grant diagram 4

Display positive organisational characteristics

  • Encourage and develop positive social connections and relationships
  • Are embedded in their community and can identify and channel the potential within that community
  • Offer longer-term engagement and support
  • Listen to and are responsive to their users and give users a voice
  • Have vision, energy and commitment and are reflective and open to change
  • Want to make a step change in the way they work, but need support to do this
  • Make good use of the resources they have

Address marginalisation

  • Engage with a marginalised community or engage with a particularly marginalised ‘community of interest’ - a group of people with a particular shared need, experience or identity
  • Provide direct support to individuals who are in real need, and/or work with individuals and communities to challenge injustice and inequality
  • Are rooted in overlooked and neglected areas where funding is hard to come by
  • Affect the lives of marginalised people and communities in a positive way

Make a difference

  • Generate a ripple effect – a wider impact beyond the immediate beneficiaries of the work
  • Display new thinking or demonstrate best practice: offer an exemplar others can learn from
  • Are interested in reflecting on their work and are generous in sharing their findings with others