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Racial justice statement November 2020

Publication date: 10/11/2020

Earlier this year the structural inequalities and present and historic injustices inherent in our society were brought to the fore. The disproportionate impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has amplified the systemic link between poverty, poor health and racism. The recent wave of Black Lives Matter protests has further exposed the systemic racism, especially experienced by Black people, that is upheld by our institutions, media and culture, causing harm and denying opportunity to so many.

We recognise that we live in a society that is shaped by white privilege and racism. We also acknowledge that being a family Trust has given rise to a trustee board that is almost entirely white and privileged. While the profile of the staff of the trust is more diverse, we recognise that, throughout the organisation, most of us do not have experience of what it means to be discriminated against because of our colour.

Since May, we have been reflecting on where we are and where we should be as a funder that aims to support community-led change towards a more just and equal society. All staff and trustees have come together to talk, listen and learn.

A co-ordinating group of some staff and trustees was formed in June to discuss how we could continue this conversation together, to learn alongside the people and communities we work with, and commit to actions that would lead us to being anti-racist. In other words, we intend to be active in our opposition to racism both as individuals, and in the way we operate and fund.

Relationships are at the heart of Tudor and we want to learn how to better challenge racism through the power of the relationships between our staff, trustees, applicants, grant holders and wider community. We will now be working with two expert facilitators to support us on this journey, enabling our learning and focusing on an anti-racism framework.

We are committed to undertaking a journey towards a better understanding of the history of racism, the inequity it perpetuates today and how it can be dismantled. We will make this a priority and dedicate time and resources to ensure there is real change where it is needed.

We recognise that some conversations may be uncomfortable for many of us and we will undoubtedly make mistakes. However, sustained and measurable culture change within Tudor is our aim. To fulfil our principles and purpose of supporting community-led change towards a more just and equal society we commit to exploring, and where necessary changing, the way we operate and fund. We intend to emerge from this initial period of learning and questioning with a better understanding of how we can challenge structural racism and inequity, and to embed racial justice in all we do.

Staff and Trustees of The Tudor Trust

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