Re-applying for funding

From April 2022 you will need to contact your Grants Manager, by email or phone, to discuss the potential for a new application. They will send you a link so you can access a new continuation funding application form within our application portal, as well as guidance on making the application. They may suggest that you answer specific questions or write something more focused about the work our funding has supported so far. This may help you to make a stronger case for a new grant.

However, it’s possible that your Grants Manager may say that a continuation grant is unlikely and advise you not to reapply: perhaps because we have been funding for a long time, or have given a clear message that your current grant is likely to be our final one. We still have to make some hard choices and won’t be able to make a further grant to everyone who applies.

An organisation can normally only have one grant at a time from Tudor. If you would like to discuss changes to how your current grant can be used, or options around using Tudor’s support more flexibly, please discuss this with your grants manager.

If you are currently receiving a revenue grant from us and want to apply for continuation funding to develop the same area of work, please re-apply well before your current funding runs out. We can consider requests for continuation funding from three months after the final payment of your current grant.