Who leads your organisation?

Within the online form, we ask you to provide some details about the people leading your organisation – your trustees, directors or management committee.

These are new questions and the reason we are asking for this information is that we aim to make grants to groups which are ‘embedded in their community’ but, up to now, have not been capturing information that allows us to analyse this in a meaningful way.

When we talk about community this can be:

  • a geographic community, or local area


  • a community of interest – a group of people with a particular shared identity, lived experience or need. Lived experience could encompass things like being a survivor of domestic abuse or having experience of mental distress, homelessness, the criminal justice system, living in poverty, being a carer etc.

Information about the people who lead your organisation can help us understand how your work is driven by and represents the community you work with. We are using a definition of organisational leadership which relates to the people who set the strategy of your group: are most of your trustees / directors / management committee members drawn from the community you serve?

While we are interested in supporting work which is ‘user-led’ or ‘community-led’ this is just one aspect of our assessment. We can and do make grants to organisations which wouldn’t be viewed as ‘community-led’ according to this definition but which are still responsive to the communities they serve.

Your responses to these questions will help us understand more about who is applying to us (and who isn’t), who we are funding and who we are not funding.

When you get to this part of the form, please tick any boxes that apply to you – we know that communities intersect and you may be working across a number of different issues.