Guidance on completing the organisation details sheet. Please answer all the questions when you are filling in this sheet.

The organisation details sheet

You can download the organisation details sheet here: either as a PDF which you can print out and fill in by hand, or as a Word file which you can save to your computer, fill in and print out.

Please answer all the questions when you are filling in this sheet – if anything doesn’t apply to you please write NA (not applicable) in the space rather than leaving it blank. A few key points:

Legal name/working name
We need to know your organisation’s legal name – the name which is set out in your governing document and which matches the name on your annual accounts and bank statements. If your organisation has a working name – a name you are more commonly known by – please tell us this as well.

Charity number
If you are a charity please give your charity number here (but we don’t need your company number or CIC number if you aren’t a charity). Remember that you don’t have to be a registered charity to receive funding from Tudor; we can also make grants to other organisations as long as the grant is used for charitable purposes.

Tell us here about the group of people governing your organisation. If you are not a charity please tell us about your board of directors, management committee, executive committee etc. If there isn’t enough space on the form to list all your trustees or committee members please continue on a separate sheet and attach this to the form.

Free reserves
Any unrestricted funds you hold (funding which is not committed or designated and not tied up in fixed assets such as a building or equipment).

New organisations with no accounts
You won’t be able to complete the sections asking for figures from your latest annual accounts. Please send us a photocopy of a recent bank statement.

Signature of Chair, Vice Chair or Treasurer
The organisation details sheet must be signed by one of these people, even if it has been completed by a member of staff. A paid employee shouldn’t sign this sheet, even if they are also an officer of the management committee.

Together with your completed organisation details sheet you also need to send us:

  • Your introductory letter
  • Your answers to our questions on no more than two sides of A4
  • Your most recent annual accounts and annual report, or a photocopy of a recent bank statement if your organisation is too new to have accounts