The Tudor Trust is committed to being an open and transparent funder

We are now closed to ‘new’ applications: that is applications from groups we are not already funding.

To find out about our current grant holders take a look at our Grants Review (not created for 2020-2021). It contains a summary and analysis of all the grants we have made over the year:

If you'd like to know more about what we've been doing at the Trust during the year, take a look at our annual report, which also includes our accounts.

Open data

In September 2016 the Tudor Trust signed up to the 360Giving Initiative, which aims to help UK grant makers to publish their data openly online, to an agreed data standard. Publishing information about our grants in an open format on our own website, and through 360Giving, means that it can be shared and compared more easily.

Over time, the intention is that this information will help inform both grant makers and those looking for funding and will contribute to more effective grant making.

Tudor grants data April 2013 to March 2022

Open dialogue

You can also share your thoughts about working with us on GrantAdvisor UK. The 'Trip Advisor' for UK funders, GrantAdvisor allows you to share anonymous feedback about the application and grant experience with fellow small charities and community groups.

Leave your reflections on Grant Advisor UK here.

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