The first-stage proposal helps us to understand your organisation and how you work in the context of your community.

Making a first-stage proposal

If you would like to make a first-stage proposal please send us:

1. An introductory letter.

  • This should be on your organisation’s letterhead.
  • Use this letter to introduce your work, set your work in context or give us information which does not sit comfortably elsewhere.

2. A completed and signed organisation details sheet.

  • You can download this form in PDF or Word formats using the links to the right.
  • If you are unsure about how to complete any part of this form please click here for guidance.
  • Please check that this form has been signed by your Chair, Vice Chair or Treasurer before sending it to us.

3. Your answers to the following questions, on no more than two sides of A4. Please try to answer them individually, using the questions as headings for your responses.

Q1: Please tell us about the work that you do.

Q2: What practical difference do you want to make?

Q3: Tell us something about the community you work with and the challenges it is currently facing.

Q4: What strengths and opportunities do you see in your community?

Q5: How can Tudor best help you?

  • Your answers to these questions will help us understand your organisation and how you work within the context of your community.
  • We are interested in finding out whether you have some of the key characteristics and qualities we are looking for as this helps us to identify the groups we think we are best placed to help.
  • Don’t worry about making your application ‘professional’ or glossy – we are looking for openness and a clear sense of the work you do and how and why you do it.
  • Remember that when we use the word community we don’t just mean your local area: your community can also be a ‘community of interest’ – a group of people with a particular shared need, experience or identity.
  • Make sure that your application tells us how many people your organisation works with (or the number of people you are hoping to reach if you are looking for funding for a new project or are a new organisation). This helps us to get an idea of the scale and scope of your work.
  • You don’t need to provide a detailed description or full costings of the work you are seeking funding for at this stage. We will ask you for more information if your application goes through to the second stage.
  • If you are applying for a capital grant remember that we are most interested in what goes on inside the building and want to understand the difference building improvements would make to your work.
  • Ultimately we want to understand the vision and energy that inspire your work and how you think the Tudor Trust could help develop it.

4. A copy of your most recent annual accounts, and annual report if you produce one.

  • If your organisation is too new to have annual accounts please send a photocopy of a recent bank statement instead.
  • If you have a bank account, but haven’t yet received your first statement, pleaese send us a letter from your bank confirming your account details.
  • If you have accounts we do need to see them at this stage. Only send a bank statement if you don’t have any annual accounts available.

Sending us your application

You can apply at any time - there are no deadlines. Please send us your application by email if you can.

  • Please send all parts of your first-stage proposal electronically (this includes your introductory letter, organisation details sheet, answers to our five questions and your most recent annual accounts).
  • Make sure that all your documents are in pdf format. This helps to preserve the integrity of your application and makes it easier for us to see your information the way you would like us to.
  • Please send everything together in a single email. This email (including all its attachments) must not exceed 10 MB. Anything larger than this may lead to technical issues, at your end as well as ours!
  • Send your application to:

You can find full step-by-step instructions here.

If you are unable to send us your application by email you can post it to us, although it will be harder to us to process your application if the office is closed due to Coronavirus.

Address your proposal to ‘The Trustees’ and send it to:

The Tudor Trust
7 Ladbroke Grove
W11 3BD