How to complete our online form

Once you’ve prepared your first-stage documents the next step is to complete our brief online form.

Before you make a start on the form, please check that the combined size of all your documents is under 10MB, and if possible, convert them to PDF format. This will help ensure that they reach us safely.

Create an account

Whoever completes and sends us your online application must have the necessary authority to make an application on behalf of your organisation. We will ask you to confirm this at the end of the form.

You will need to create an account before you can access our online form.

You can do this by clicking the ‘Start your application’ button at the bottom of this page. This link will take you to our online portal hosted by Blackbaud Grantmaking who provide Tudor’s online application system. The web address you will see is for, an external site that sits outside Tudor’s website.

To create your new account, click on ‘New Applicant?’ and follow the instructions. Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive a welcome email confirming your account details and providing a personalised link, allowing you to log back in and access your application at any time.

Please make sure you keep this email for future reference.

Fill in our online form

The form itself is very simple. You will just need to fill in some basic details about your organisation, and provide contact details for someone we can talk to about your application if we need to.

There is lots of guidance and help text within the form itself. A sample copy of our online form is available to download so you can see the questions before you begin work on the form itself.

Save and share your application

You don’t need to complete your application in one go.

You can save a draft at any time by clicking ‘Save and Finish Later’. If you do this, an email containing a tracking number and a copy of your application to date will be emailed to you automatically.

To return to your application you can either use the personalised link in your welcome email or click on the ‘Return to your application’ link below.

You can also share a copy of your application with colleagues before you send it to us by using the ‘Email Draft’ link within the form, or from your applicant account.

Review and send us your application

When you have completed the online form and uploaded your three documents, click on ‘Review and Send’. If anything is missing you’ll be prompted to add the relevant details and ‘Update’ the form.

When everything is filled in, you will be able to review all the details again, and make any final changes if you need to.

Once you’re happy with everything, click ‘Send to Tudor’. Once you’ve done this you won’t be able to make any changes. You will also receive an email confirming you’ve sent us your application, along with a copy of the final application for your records.

You will also be able to see the application in the ‘Submitted Applications’ area of your applicant account.