Applying in uncertain times

As explained in our What we do pages, we are continuing to make grants with a long-term focus (typically over one, two or three years) and tend to focus on supporting the ‘core’ of organisations so they can best achieve their charitable purpose.

However, we also understand that making a funding application at the moment may feel even more difficult than usual. The way you work may have changed a great deal over the last year, and we know that it is hard for organisations to plan in the usual way when things are so uncertain.

So when we read your application we will be looking for a sense of your direction of travel, an understanding of what you do and your ability to learn, respond and adapt.

Sharing a sense of how your work has changed as you have responded to the pandemic and its challenges will help us to understand where you are as an organisation. But we are still keen to understand what is at the heart of the work you do. What is it that remains unchanged in terms of your values and approach? What achievements are you building on?

If you’d like to find out more about what we’ve been doing to support applicants and grant-holders through the pandemic then please take a look at our Coronavirus pages, where you will also find details of some other sources of funding and advice.