About our grants

Because we try to respond to the needs identified by organisations themselves, many of our grants take the form of core funding: funding which goes towards the core costs of running an organisation, including salaries, overheads and day-to-day running costs. Sometimes we may look at offering unrestricted funding, through a grant which can be used entirely freely to further an organisation’s charitable objectives.

We can also provide project grants, capital grants for buildings or equipment and grants to help strengthen your organisation. There is no maximum or minimum grant. In some situations we may look at making a short-term loan if this is the most helpful solution and you can demonstrate how you will pay it back: if you are interested in loan funding please ring the Information Team on 020 7727 8522 for advice before making an application.

How much can you apply for?
There is no maximum or minimum grant. At the first stage of the application process we don’t ask you to specify exactly how much you are looking for, though it is fine to do so if you wish: if your application progresses to the second stage we will discuss your funding requirements in more detail then.

How long can we fund you for?

Most grants are made over one, two or three years. We understand that tackling deep-rooted problems takes time so we sometimes fund over a longer period, usually by making a further grant following on from the original one. However, our interest in supporting work in the longer term has to be balanced against our need to encourage new groups and new thinking. This means that our funding can’t continue indefinitely.

Additional support

Tudor aims to be a helpful and flexible funder and we want to respond imaginatively to your organisation’s specific concerns and priorities. Although our primary focus is grant making we also engage with the groups we support in other ways, offering advice and development support where this is needed.

Who can we fund?

You don’t have to be a registered charity to apply to us. We can make grants to some other types of organisation (for example community interest companies, constituted community groups and industrial and provident societies) as long as you can explain clearly how you would use our grant for charitable purposes.

Your organisation needs to have some of the positive characteristics we are looking for when we make grants. Beyond this the basic requirements are that you have a constitution and a bank account.

When can you apply and how long will it take?

You can apply at any time – Tudor makes grants on a rolling programme and there are no deadlines. We’ll send you an email or letter to confirm that your first-stage proposal has arrived safely and then aim to let you know within a month whether your application has progressed to the second stage.

Once an application reaches the second stage it usually takes around three months for you to receive a final decision.